The aim of this site is to help others discover that Jesus is the greatest of all joys. Fitness, by our experience, can be a horrible slave master, but when we allow Christ to reign in every area of our lives, suddenly everything has freedom, joy, and purpose once again. By no means do we equate physical fitness with godliness, but, in the spirit of Jonathan Edwards, we desire to enjoy our physical lives in such ways that enable us to experience and proclaim the greatness of God to the max.

What you will find on this website will begin with Aubrey’s reflections on the Gospel and her battle with bulimia and continue to develop into a robust theology of King Jesus’ reign over every area of life, including fitness and nutrition. Our newfound purpose and enjoyment of Jesus in these areas will manifest itself in sharing practical exercise and nutritional tips as well as fostering a community for those interesting in asking a question or sharing a journey. The longterm vision may even be to start a gym of our own;-)

About the Authors

Aubrey enjoys Koine Greek, all things literary or musical, her husband, four children, and Thorin Oakenshield (her Landseer Newfoundland). She taught Bible classes, Latin, and Greek at the junior high level before becoming a full-time mother. She has come to enjoy Christ over her fitness and nutrition and longs to share His grace in her journey through bulimia. She has written one book about her family’s adventures on the farm, entitled The Wishing Window Well. She has run two marathons and endured them much better than her husband, who is writing this;-) She most recently beat her husband in a marathon, which made him feel less manly, since she did not know that she was at the beginning of a pregnancy with their fourth child. She is about to joyously endure their eighth move in their nine years of marriage.

Education: Wheaton College – B.A. in Bible


Jeff has dabbled in teaching high school Greek and theology, coached high school soccer, was an assistant pastor at Christ Church of Dubuque, where he was ordained before becoming a Chaplain in the 82nd Airborne Division. There, he deployed a couple times, jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, and learned about the theology of vocation, which led him to a much bigger view of Christ’s reign over every square inch, which subsequently led him to open Christ’s book of science via medical school. He enjoys helping others discover joy in God in the small things in life and has made some of his resources available on this website. He is a sinner who basks in the great grace of God. He is his wife’s biggest fan and enjoys her in every way. He loves parenting their four kids with her.

He has enjoyed fitness for some time, but didn’t know how he could enjoy it so much and be a serious Christian until recently, because he lived a dualistic life. He is a great athlete or a poor one, depending if you’re looking at him from the perspective of a toddler or an Olympic athlete, respectively. He was part of a national championship soccer team in the smallest college division that probably only 30 people have heard of, was named Male Athlete of the Year at his little college, has qualified for the Boston Marathon, and has set a national power lifting record.

Education: Moody Bible Institute – B.A. in Biblical Languages

Wheaton College Graduate School – M.A. in Biblical Exegesis

University of Illinois College of Medicine – M.D., May 2016

University of North Carolina – Emergency Medicine Residency, beginning June 2016




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