Where do I start? What are my goals? Where do I go from here? How do I keep from depression? From obsessing?

We’ve all been at these locations. If you would like some help or someone with whom you can discuss your ideas, feel free to contact us or learn more by clicking here.

Aubrey has experimented with a number of other free workout blogs, videos, and self-made workout programs that she will be happy to share with you. Her journey has led her through marathoning to various workout DVDs to strength training. As things develop, she will continue to write critiques of these various methods on the website. You can feel free to contact her at aubrey@everysquareinchfitness.com with any questions or for conversation about your journey.

Jeff will be happy to be a resource as well. He enjoys the science of working out and sees programs as little laboratories. God made him to be slightly above average in achieving workout goals and slightly average in skill required for sports. He understands how to set up programs to achieve aerobic goals (e.g. qualifying for the Boston Marathon) or anaerobic goals (e.g. power lifting). In the most recent years, he has enjoyed teaching 20 people learn power lifting in his garage gym and executing a power lifting research project for 40 high school students. He particularly enjoys demolishing false, popular-level perceptions about working out.