Dieting Beyond Belief, A Nutritional Journey

Many fitness struggles are built around misconceptions. Here, I’ll outline some pros and cons of different diets I have tried, hoping they would be my saviors. More of what I learned from each diet will be forthcoming on the blog.

Eat-Only-When-You-Are-Hungry Diet


  • It supports intuitive eating
  • It points out mindless eating
  • It points out emotional eating


  • Stress messed with my hunger signals. So often times I’d find myself nursing one kid, spoon feeing another, wiping the spilled liquid of the third, and trying to answer a question of the fourth. And before I could eat a bite, the food was gone, and so was my appetite.
  • At times the “eat only when you are hungry” question needed to be replaced by the question, “Is it most loving to eat now?”, regardless of hunger.
    • I often thought of kids and dinnertime. We would never ask our kids if they are hungry for dinner. We tell them it is dinnertime and thus, time to eat.
  • It removed the category to eat when you want to enjoy
  • It removed the category of eating when you want to enjoy fellowship. Not that you cannot have fellowship if you withstain from food, but being free to eat and enjoy, even when you are not hungry.