Nutrition Resources

Nutrition is often taken to the extremes, as in Aubrey’s struggle with bulimia or Jeff’s steady diet of chili dogs. Others idolize tastes, feeling full, or minimizing their diet to the temporal realm, because their skewed theology permits it. We invite you on the journey as we share what we’ve learned in our blog and to converse with us as we too learn and grow.

We don’t believe that nutrition is next to godliness, but we advocate for open eyes to see God’s communication to us via food, to taste and see that He is good, to follow the enjoyment of our senses back to what it communicates about the Giver. In the spirit of Jonathan Edwards, we desire to converse with others about what food habits may help them be more apt to enjoy God and not take away their energy, or worse, their life.

Aubrey has experimented with every extreme and every diet, feeling that this puts her in a position to converse with readers about food plans they may be contemplating. When it comes to eating disorders (whether over or under), God uses an educational component to inform our physical habits. Not only do we need to put on the spectacles of the Scriptures to worship as we eat, but we need to understand what to eat.

We hope to add more resources to this web page soon, but we would enjoy conversing with you about this in the mean time.