The aim of this site is to help others discover that Jesus is the greatest of all joys. Fitness, by our experience, can be a horrible slave master, but when we allow Christ to reign in every area of our lives, suddenly everything has freedom, joy, and purpose once again. By no means do we equate physical fitness with godliness, but, in the spirit of Jonathan Edwards, we desire to enjoy our physical lives in such ways that enable us to experience and proclaim the greatness of God to the max.

What you will find on this website especially are Aubrey’s reflections of battling bulimia as a Christian and being graciously freed after years of crying prayers. She will reflect upon her enslavement, battling unbelief, stolen joy and then her moment of deliverance and continued journey to greater freedoms and joys.

Jeff is the self-proclaimed lesser author of this website, both by lack of artistry as an author and by number of posts contributed. However, he will chime in occasionally to give insight on the struggle of being a Christian spouse married to someone with an eating disorder and how his own shallow theology fostered it. His journey out of the Army Chaplain Corps into medical school will hopefully help provide a different theological perspective toward enjoying God in the small things in life. He has come to enjoy competing at relatively high levels in the extremes of marathon running and power lifting competitions.




Disclaimer: Jeff is not promoting these resources from a medical perspective. You should see your doctor before starting an exercise program or if you have trouble losing or keeping on weight. Among other complications, eating disorders and obesity may lead to life-threatening conditions, such as cardiac problems.