So glad to be back!!!

Hey Friends!

I first have to say a HUGE “THANK YOU!!!”, to everyone of you! I am so grateful and overwhelmed that you are here reading this! I have deeply missed my time away from blogging, but I am SO excited to get started again!!! I am now blogging from a new home in a new state! Jeff has started his emergency medicine residency program, and has been loving it! It is great to finally start feeling out the tempo of life with an ER resident! We love the variety and different opportunities that his schedule has brought so far!!!

Anyhow, I am so excited to be back! In addition to continuing my story, I am also excited about bringing in some new aspects to the blog. By far my most exciting addition will be my “Ask the powerlifting pastor”! Whoohoo!!! I am sooooo excited…almost giddy about this one!!! This is where I get to ask Jeff ANY question I want in regards to health and fitness, and he will write back a response (I also hope to hear questions you might have!!!)! I have already sent him my first question…he’s sleeping right now in the middle of the day (as he had an overnight shift last night) and has no idea of this being my new addition to the blog! I will have to do my best to contain my excitement when he wakes up;0) Also, I plan on including some workouts, as Jeff and I continue to have our lifting adventures in the garage together. While we always worked out together from the beginning stages of getting to know one another at Wheaton College (hello, Coray Gym!!!), the past two months have been the first time I’ve actually started to want to do what Jeff is doing in the garage…i.e. powerlift. I asked him to write up a powerlifting program for me and I am excited to share that with you! He’s legit. Legit as in, the other day in the garage he said, “Well, I haven’t deadlifted in awhile. Maybe I’ll try it.” (It had been about a year since he deadlifted). And he pulled 545 lbs. All that to say I think it would be fun to share some of his craziness (and my pathetic attempts???) with you all ;0) If nothing else, maybe the kiddos will be interested someday…probably not!!!;0)

Above all, I am thrilled to once again share the quiet streams as well as the valley of shadows with you as we seek first His kingdom and His righteosness. Every square inch belongs to Him. And every square inch holds a potential of idolatry. May our ears ring with the joyous voice of Christ shouting, “Mine!” over all creation.


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