Bulimics and Their Mothers: Intro

I am deeply excited to introduce to the blog a mini series in which both my mom and I will be contributing. The series, as you will have already seen, is “Bulimics and Their Mothers”.

I am so excited to introduce her to you!!! My mom was the first one to impart to me a love of literature and encourage me in my love of writing. But, most importantly, she was faithful to read the scriptures with us six kids every morning. Every morning at 8:00, you would find us gathered around our kitchen table, gathered around my mom and her coffee, and gathered around the Bible. She has led Bible studies, spoken at numerous women’s conferences that our church has held, and has and continues to mentor women in the church. She has taught me the Word and she has lived and continues to live out His Word before me. I know she would not have wanted me to write any of this…(sorry mom!). But I wanted you, my readers, to have a bit of her background. I have not written too much of my relationship with my mom throughout the previous blog entries. This has not been for lack of her presence, faithfulness and impact during this time, but rather, it has been something I could not touch on lightly…it is a pain that runs deep and wide. But, as we so well know, there is a love that runs deeper and wider still, a love that carried both my mom and me through that time, a love that she imitated, extended, and showered upon me.

In all honesty, I know I will approach my mom’s contributions, as my teenage-self did as I came upon our dog who had been hit by a car. It goes without saying that we have had many deep and healing talks over the years. But no amount of discussion and re-visting the past will ever remove certain emotions. But these emotions continue to serve a purpose a greater purpose that my mom and I will never fully understand and celebrate till heaven. But until then, we embrace these emotions, as they drive us to namely this… There is a throne of grace. And the anxieties of the bulimic and the anxieties of their mothers, are to be cast before this throne. This throne takes both. This Master, this Lord takes both. Both of these women are hurting. And our great master is the God of both these women. He is the comforter of both. And together, the bulimics and their mothers, they can run into the arms of the one worthy and able to dry every tear – the tears of the bulimics and the tears of their mothers. Thank you, Jesus.



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